We are conducting a Model untied nation (MUN) conference in the month of July, to raise funds for charitable cause, mainly focused to AID the distressed and under-privileged in India.

Many are facing death due to lack of oxygen supply and Millions of people  have lost their basic necessities of life.

The conference main aim is to raise money as much as possible and the entire amount will be directly donated to reputed and well-known NGO’S in India

For more information, you can directly contact us at our  Gmail- If you have a background of past MUN experience, You can now apply for Secretariat position which have opened and link for the same have been attached in the bio of our Instagram page - @wycmun21_

We aim to promote the idea and gather a professional, well reputed, committed, dedicated and efficient team.

Help us spread our words for good deed because the more the fund we are able to collect the higher chance we have at saving a life and every single life that we are able to improve is in turns on of the best things we can do towards humanity as Teenagers