WYCMUN’21 is a conference aimed to create awareness among the youth of today and raise funds to donate to charitable institutions and NGO’S in India. More information on the social motive will be clarified shortly. It is an initiative by teenagers of today to aid the distressed and underprivileged to the best of our abilities.

You are kindly asked to fill in this form no later than 23rd of June, 2021. Be sure to send in your application before midnight of the given deadline. WYCMUN’21 retains the right to disregard any application submitted past the deadline.

The application process for the position consists of filling out this online application form.

It’s your application, after thorough consideration, if you are accepted, then an interview shall be conducted shortly, the details for which shall be mailed personally to the candidates.

Taking into consideration on the current regulation, restriction and obligation caused due to the CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC, the conference shall be held online on the 30th & 31st of July 2021

For more information and updates / queries/doubts/concern /clarification

Kindly contact us or Follow us on Instagram  or Facebook- @wycmun21_

We aim to promote the idea and gather a professional, well reputed, committed, dedicated and efficient team. It would also be great if you would also great if you could possibly give a shoutout to out pge on your story and promote our conferences to as many people as possible because the more the fund we are able to collect the higher chance we have at saving a life and every single life that we are able to improve is in turns on of the best things we can do towards humanity as Teenagers