Dear delegates and faculty advisors,

Western Canada High School is pleased to announce that it will be hosting its annual Model United Nations Conference on Friday, April 23rd and Saturday, April 24th. Focused on Specialized Assemblies and Crisis, this Conference is designed to offer both novice and senior MUN delegates a unique and exciting experience.

Date/Time: Friday, April 23rd and Saturday, April 24th

Location: Online through Zoom and Discord


  • CCPCJ: Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (GA)
  • Council of Disney Heroines (SA)
  • Financial Crisis 2008 – Wall St. & US Government (SA)
  • Ad Hoc (Crisis)
  • Battle of Saigon 1968 (Crisis)

Registration: We offer two types of registration, school and independent registration.

  1. Individual registration: Please register at the following link - Registration and delegate assignment will be confirmed after the registration deadline has passed.
  2. School registration: Confirm your school’s attendance and indicate desired committee seat assignments. This can be done on the following Google Form: After we process your school registration, you can register individual delegates. A link to a shared Google Sheet will be sent to you following stage 1 registration that must be completed by April 16th, 2021.

Registration Deadline: Friday, March 26th, 2021

Cost: $20 per delegate. Independent delegates are expected to make an e-transfer payment and schools can also make a check payable to Western Canada High School. Details to follow after registration confirmation.

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