We are delighted to invite you to the SHMUN anniversary conference which will take place on the one year anniversary of our founding 10th April. We have already hosted 49 committees across a total of nine iterations, and we are excited that this one is going to be bigger, brighter and better.

We will be hosting 6 incredible committees which will focus on an array of issues plaguing today’s society:

UNCTAD – How can the international community establish a legal framework for cloning and stem cell research?

UNODC – How can the international community co-operate to prevent charities fraud?

UNEP – How can the cosmetics industry be regulated to ensure sustainable practice?

UNSPECPOL – How should the International Community Address Politically Arbitrary Imprisonment?

UNHRC – How can the work week be re-evaluated with regards to the right to rest?

CCC – How can member states mitigate the threat of genetically enhanced soldiers?

If you wish to be present on this monumental and special day for our organization, you may find the delegate sign up form by clicking here and staff sign up form by clicking here.

During the buildup to the conference we will be hosting two workshops which will take place on the 14th March entitled “Diplomacy: Collaboration and Compromise” and 28th March entitled “MUN 101 - A Beginner’s Guide to Model United Nations”. If you wish to attend either or both of these workshops which will be hosted by members of our Secretariat, you may find the application form by clicking here.

As a legally registered non-profit organization, as with all our events, we are running SHMUN8.0 completely free of cost for the public benefit. All high school and middle school students can find out more now by visiting