You might have gone to a normal MUN and yes they were definitely fun.

But what is a good conference without a mind-blowing challenge!! 🤩We have not only brought up an interesting change in the format of our MUN but we have also come up with some amazing new ideas to make the conference a lifetime experience for you all! 🥳

And with that I would like to tell you that Reverie Mun is in a collaboration with Concord Collective in support of U.N. 75 (United Nations India) and hence we are introducing a Knockout Model UN.

There are a lot of new advantages for all the participants and there will be dignitaries from un-attending the event. The certificates will also have a UN 75 logo. 🤯


Dates- 3rd & 4th October 2020


These are final Committees and Agendas

1. United Nations Human Rights Council - Question of abolition of Death Penalty

2. United Nations Commision on the Status of Women- Discussing gender responsive budgeting

3. United Nations Children's Fund- Protection of the human rights of trafficked persons with emphasis on minors/children (choose either one of the two words)

4. All India Political Parties Meet - Discussing the situation of human rights violations in the Kashmir valley

5. United Nations Security Council  - Protection of civilians in armed conflicts


And now coming to the best part, what is the change? 🧐

The delegate shall be given one portfolios initially , the  portfolio will be an international portfolio . On the first day there will be three  sessions and three committees, delegates will be taking part in all the three committees with one portfolio (which is the international portfolio given) After the first day, 50% of the delegates will be knocked out and the rest 50% of the delegates will be taking part on the second day (the delegates who will be eliminated can participate in the second day, but would not be marked). After which we will be sending the portfolio for AIPPM to all the delegates selected for round two and whoever wishes to participate who got knocked out in round 1.The delegates are expected to prepare for all 5 agendas and the committees.


Join us today for an unforgettable experience and take away memories to cherish!🥰

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