Enter a Delegate, leave as a Diplomat. BE THE CHANGE This MUN is free of cost We have only 100 seats left! Date: 5-6 October 2021 The Delegates who register will be added to the Committee's Official Whatsapp group to interact with other delegates, form blocs, and make draft resolutions. You'll have a 1 Hour MUN 101 training session before the Committee sessions YOU WILL RECEIVE THE STUDY GUIDES AND OTHER DETAILS, ONLY ONCE YOU REGISTER AND CONFIRM YOUR PARTICIPATION The future is bright. It is one where everyone is equal and lives sustainably. There is clean water and sanitation, gender equality, and mental health access. PSMUN will put all these things into perspective through its upcoming conferences But the future is far away until we solve the problems of the present. The Afghan War is still not ended. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said that "ending the war in Afghan is a collective responsibility". It is also said that children are our future despite this fact the poor little children are not being provided a proper and quality education. In the present world, they face violence, exploitation, and abuse. Childhood obesity is one of the modern causes of Type I Diabetes. While obesity plagues First World nations, hunger overshadows poor countries. We bring to you our first free Cost MUN that gives you priceless benefits. Be there to fight for the future, a future for all.   IMAGINE ALL THIS FOR NO COST We have only one committee,

  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization [UNESCO]                                                                                                     
  • Agenda: Ensuring Quality of Education for Children
  • Headchair: Nehmat Bikram Shergill
  • First Vice-Chair: VACANT
  • Second Vice-Chair: VACANT

Benefits of attending a MUN: 1. Meet new people and new places. 2. Improve your Public Speaking. 3. Become acquainted with global issues. 4. Diplomacy and negotiation skills. 5. Enhance your leadership skills. 6. Certificate of Excellence for Award Winners 7. Participation Certificate for every delegate 8. FREE STUDY GUIDE 9. POSITION PAPER SUBMISSION 10. MUN 101 TRAINING SESSION You are just one step away from being a diplomat.   Click the link mentioned below for more information and registration:   Experienced delegates can mail us to apply for the Executive Board, We have two seats left! For any queries contact: