Dear delegates, faculty advisors, and fellow members of the MUN community,


It is our greatest pleasure to invite you to Oxford Global's fifth annual OxfordMUN conference, 2020: A Decade of Action, taking place digitally on two consecutive weekends, on the 13th–15th and on the 21st–22nd of November 2020.


Oxford Global was founded in 2013, when we decided to send our first directors to run a Model UN conference in Beijing. Today, hosting over 700 delegates from 20 countries and over 40 nationalities on an annual basis, OxfordMUN has become the largest high school MUN conference in the United Kingdom.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, OxfordMUN 2020 will be hosted online. Despite the difficulties that this year brought, we want to celebrate the start of a new decade by providing our delegates with an exciting and invigorating experience. This year has shown us that international cooperation and dialogue is necessary for the world and that the virtual space is an essential tool for this communication to happen.


Our dedicated team has developed a vast array of committees and topics for students of different backgrounds and experience levels. It is our aim to continue to be a conference for delegates of all skillsets and provide all with the opportunity to learn and develop their abilities.


We will be hosting 13 committees, ranging from the more traditional, such as the Disarmament and International Security Committee, to several specialised agencies, including the European Court of Human Rights as well as a mock Board of Directors Committee. We have based our selections around the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, allowing our delegates to explore and gain insight into the issues of the future while reflecting on everything that we have learned in 2020 so far.


Our directors will be intimately familiar with the subject matter of their committees and are trained to provide opportunities for all delegates to equally participate. It is our core belief that, as future leaders, students should be able to think about and plan for the coming decade, and it is our greatest pleasure to be a forum for them to do so.


On this website, you will be able to find information about the conference venues, the speakers that may await you, some more information about Oxford, and details about further offers.


We truly hope that you will join us in November 2020!




Yours faithfully,


Joana Perrone


OxfordMUN 2020