Online Hawaiian Model United Nations is an online conference made to provide an opportunity for others to engage in fruitful and intellectual debate during the trying times of quarantine.  The founders of this conference are aware of the masses of Model UN conferences, as well as general events that were cancelled due to COVID-19, and decided it would be a good time to provide an opportunity to others to engage their minds, meet others, and consider different perspectives and world views. Founded in late June, 2020, by a group of Hawaii students, as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, OHiMUN was formed to better serve the Pacific region of the world. However, the reach of the conference and the scope of its goals are worldwide, as we've welcomed delegates internationally.   After a lot of dedication and late nights, the first iteration of OHiMUN took place on August 15th, 2020. The positive response that the conference received led the Secretariat to create a second iteration. With the approval of OHiMUN 4.0, what was once a summer project turned into a dedicated student led organization that aims to bring together the MUN community. OHiMUN 4.0 is based in HST (GMT-10) and will take place on Saturday, June 12th and we are offering three exciting committees: UNODA: The United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs will assemble this conference to discuss the disarmament of weapons of mass power. Together delegates will work to pass resolutions regarding transparency in armaments, prevention of arms races, and reduction of munitions. While the topic of nuclear arms is accepted, delegates are highly encouraged to research and debate other types of WMD such as chemical, biological, and radiological weapons. US Senate: The US Senate is a committee based around the United States governmental legislative branch. The committee will be focusing on solving the US' infrastructure problem. Although it may seem simple, infrastructure is what keeps economies and societies alive. Solving this issue will take bold and potentially expensive actions. You'll be representing individual senators, who, in turn, represents a different states and political ideologies. Your job will be to solve this issue by passing bills and debating how to solve this issue. CCC - Zimbabwe Inflation Crisis : The Zimbabwe inflation crisis occurred right after the country became impoverished. The government solution was to print more money, this led to massive inflation and at its height in 2008, prices were rising by 76, 800,000, 000 Zimbabwean dollars per month. You are in the Zimbabwe government at the height of the crisis. Your government has inner disagreements, your currency has close to no value, and your people are starving. You must solve this crisis before it gets worse. To register for OHiMUN, visit our website at

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