It gives us great pleasure as students of Manipal University Jaipur to bring to you MUJMUN's second online edition.
It is the ninth edition of Manipal University Jaipur Model United Nations to keep you debating from any part of the world as long as you do it vehemently!

MUJMUN 9.0 continues our legacy of being an endeavor to cultivate a culture of debate, diplomacy, and discussion that involves students from various schools, colleges, and institutions around the world.

The committees which will be holding up their agendas for your fresh minds to ideate and conquer are as follows!

1)United Nations General Assembly DISEC- Discussing nuclear non-proliferation in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the stability of the Korean Peninsula.

2)United Nations Human Rights Council-Human Rights violations amidst the Israel-Palestine conflict.

3)World Health Organization -Tackling the new variants of the COVID-19 virus and the spread of the third wave in developing nations.

4)Economic and Social Council- Regulation of cryptocurrency with special emphasis on Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

5)All India Political Parties Meet- Accessibility of vaccines in rural India.

6) International Press (Reporters Only).

These agendas await your knowledge and charisma.

Delegate Fee - ₹300
Dates – 13th August to 15th August 2021

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Contact Person:
Vaibhav Bhat
+91 9811610545
Divyansh Garg
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