Greetings from the team of Modern Youth International Model UN, we are delighted to inform you that MYIMUN is back with another one of its amazing Conference.

A wonderful experience, an immaculate learning opportunity, and a certificate are just a few merits of the MYIMUN.
And on top of everything, it's free of cost...

So don't lose your chance of delegating in an international conference, and quickly register for an amazing experience..

The conference is scheduled for 21st and 22nd August, our Autumn Conference!

Further details

Committees and Agendas for the Conference:

1. UNHCR- Empowering refugees through technology.

2. UNICEF- Eliminating child labour worldwide.

3. WHO- Establishing Preparedness Protocols for Epidemics and Pandemics.

4. SPECPOL- Devising measures to restore the right of Uyghur Muslims of China.

5. UNCSW- Broadening the scope of women's citizenship, leadership, and political participation in transition countries.

6. SOCHUM-Prevention of hate crime and social
stigma against the LGBTQ community.

7. UNHRC-Combatting religious intolerance and

8. UNNC- Addressing the safety of Media in crisis.

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