MIMUN 2021 "Homeostasis: Synthesizing Our New Equilibrium" Following the unprecedented challenges we endure in the Covid-19 pandemic, our theme encompasses our common yet distinct experiences encapsulating multiple realities in these tumultuous times.
Specifically, in reimagining & transforming an inherently intrinsic natural biological process that consistently takes place in every one of us to an equally intuitive response in our councils, reflecting equality & our shared parts in the social organism we are as a society.

The “new normal” is not an element of surprise but a common goal which is a product of our own autonomy & conscious volition. In this year’s instalment for MIMUN, we implore delegates & chairs to join us in pushing beyond the boundaries of traditional practices and resolutions.

Together we develop mechanisms primed in achieving balanced optimum survivable life states through innovative and disruptive social, economic and political policies, effectively synthesizing our new equilibrium, on our own terms.


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