Do you wish to view the world differently? Do you question all the things around you? Do you wish to learn while having Fun?🤔 Then ISMUN is for you!  The spotlights is organizing its first international MUN with two exciting committees! 🎉 The committees: (You can choose one) 1) UNSC - Continuous Crisis Committee Agenda - Classified 2) Lok Sabha Agenda - “Discussion and Deliberation upon the implementation of the uniform civil code.” Take part in this PERFECT MUN to be delegates and have fun at the SAME TIME! Every participant and winner gets highly valuable certificates and accolades!!! 🤩 In our fast paced world we need to go above and beyond to grow! In ISMUN you can acquire various skills like public speaking, networking, research, diplomacy and much more! Participating in MUNs is also a great way to enhance your achievements and extra curriculars!😇 Cost of ISMUN: FREE DATES: 9 & 10 OCT, 2021 Check out the docs for more BASIC INFO: Register for the MUN ASAP! Before it’s full of enthusiastic PEOPLE! 🥳 Our INSTA: Lets enlighten ourselves with the ideas of tomorrow to live our dreamed realities today!🔥🔥🔥

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