As I take a moment to celebrate over the 9 years gone by, I am humbled in learning that what in 2011 was considered to be an elitist classroom activity has today become a quintessential pre-requisite for every school to be labelled an abode of learning. From Agartala to Ahmedabad, Srinagar to Kanyakumari & Lordz to Cairo, MUN has incontrovertibly become a tool to enhance & foster the concept of global citizenship. But as you would agree- evolution explains much of the existing armchair activism, bureaucracy & red-tapism that interferes with transnational cooperation. It is, therefore, civil society that has the responsibility to bridge the void that exists in building a truly egalitarian society. Whilst academic discussions will undoubtedly herald an age of great thinkers, millennials need to be empowered to be doers


As a proud Indian, and an even more solicitous global netizen, it has remained my incessant endeavour to educate Gen Next about local and national issues with every conference having simulations of such relevant bodies. With a legacy of having been the cradle of much of how civilisation conducts itself, India was called Sone Ki Chidya (Golden Bird) for a reason. All this while mindful that in today’s multi-polar world, the best practices that one needs to imbibe-are those which transcend borders. Whilst traditional attire and colloquy in local languages were great symbolical starts, IIMUN now embarks on a journey where we will not just have renditions of International Organisations & Local Government Bodies but also committees drawing upon our past to show our future. Spearheaded by historians and ambassadors of pedigree, IIMUN has added alongside an illustrious Advisory Board an Academic Council par excellence. What I am most certain is that this metamorphosis will happen when the acronym- MUN stands for a nomenclature which does not constrict academic debate but enhances it.


What however will help simplify this Brobdingnagian task of acculturating the idea of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' is the three-pronged strategy of Comprehend. Congregate. Create. Students will first be made to Comprehend the agendas being discussed through video & face to face tutorials, then they Congregate to debate possible solutions and then regardless of the committee they participated in, they Create. On behalf of 10 million students we annually impact, 26000 young students who organise our conferences, 7500 schools who are part of our family & all our advisors, I take this opportunity to welcome you to the second revolution of MUN's, to the rebirth of IIMUN, to- India's International Movement to Unite Nations.



Indian at heart. International in our Mindset. Just another young person trying to help young people.