Our world faces a crisis that is causing immeasurable human suffering, upending lives, devastating the global economy and risking reversals of hard-won progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

In these trying times, we welcome you to our conference. Your unwavering commitment to international cooperation is essential for tackling the COVID-19 pandemic – the biggest test our world has faced since the Second World War.

Our conference features five committees, with varying topics allowing delegates to interact with their political, socio-cultural, and intellectual counterparts, discuss world issues and find solutions.

To keep the spirits of both veteran and beginner MUN enthusiasts high, we will be hosting this conference online using a video conferencing software known as Zoom. The conference will be following the Harvard Model United Nations(HMUN) rules of procedure.

The following are the committees and their respective agendas:

1) Joint Crisis Committee (JCC); Arab Cabinet: The Six Day War of 1967
Joint Crisis Committee (JCC); Israeli Cabinet: The Six Day War of 1967

2) United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC): Human rights in context of the Regulation of Civilian Acquisition, Possession and use of Firearms

3) United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development (UNCSTD): Impact of Rapid Technological Change on the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and Targets

4) United Nations Office on Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT): Countering the Use of Information and Communications
Technologies for Criminal Purposes

5) World Conference on Women (WCW): Promoting Access and Participation of Women and Girls in Education and Training, with consideration of their Condition and Contribution in Work and Economy

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