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The air in the towering conference hall looms with diplomacy, statesmanship, and objectivity. Promising delegates from all over debating and ideating within these walls embark on an unforgettable journey laced with knowledge and learning.
The biggest and the hottest MUN in the Northeast circuit has opened its gates for seasoned veterans and first-timers alike. Button up your suits, pull up your socks, and sign up for the most elite and erudite events of the year.

The IIT Guwahati Model United Nations is back with another exciting conference for 2022. Iron your suits and straighten your ties as we bring to you the 14th edition of the IITGMUN, to be held in the online mode during Alcheringa (one of the largest college cultural fests of India), from the 11th to 13th March 2022. We have three days of intense debate, brainstorming, and collaboration in store for you.

As one of the largest MUN conferences in Northeast India, we offer delegates of all ages and experiences a platform to hone their debating skills, ability to collaborate, and awareness about the modern world and the intricacies of international politics. We do so by providing well-rounded agendas, comprehensive background guides, the finest Executive Board members, and enticing cash rewards to boot!

We at the IITGMUN strongly believe that as always, delegates will benefit greatly from attending this year's online conference, as they aim to become the leaders and changemakers of tomorrow's world.

To that end, we’re delighted to bring to you - for your debating pleasure - the following committees:

United Nations General AssemblyWinning against War: Discussing international conventions on the evolving situation of war crimes (Background Guide)
United Nations Human Rights CouncilDissecting Discrimination: Assessing racial, ethnic, and gender biases in society (Background Guide)
Lok SabhaPublicly Private: Analysing Privatisation and Disinvestment (Background Guide)

Participation Fees:

INR300 per delegate, and 1 free application for every group of 7 (6+1)
Group discounts are negotiable. Please contact us for queries about the same!
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