Festivus Colloquium MUN is a celebration of fandoms, where fans of any fandom come together to discuss, challenge, and enhance their knowledge on their subject of interest. This also opens the door to young and budding explorers to step into the world of fandoms covering books, TV series, movies, sports, etc. For our first edition, we have 3 committees: 1) Suits Committee - Suits is a TV series that follows the quest of a growing lawyer under his talented supervisor. There is so much scope for students to research, learn, and put into use the knowledge they gather in this series. Further, this show has a huge fan following and is excellent in its plot and an excellent base for a MUN committee. 2) Office Committee - If you ask any person who closely follows TV shows what their favorite sitcom is, there is going to be one answer - The Office. Excellent display of humor, interesting plot, and a plethora of characters to explore, this TV show is yet another good base for any committee. Irrespective of the fandoms, anybody who is interested in participating in MUN's can come to join us in this celebration. Yours Thankfully, FC MUN

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