Welcome delegates!

Diversitas MUN was a 2 AM thought by two like-minded teenagers with the same passion for MUNning. They then went along to connect with people with similar interests and experiences to form an efficient secretariat.

DATES - 24th and 25th of JULY 2021

1. SINGLE ENTRY - Rs. 199 for one portfolio
2. DOUBLE ENTRY - Rs. 349 for two portfolios
3. TRIPLE ENTRY - Rs. 499 for three portfolios
// If more than three Delegates, i.e. four or more wish to register together, they may do so as a delegation.
DELEGATION REGISTRATION FEES - Rs. 199 × Number of Delegates - Rs. 100.

We will be simulating five exciting committees with extremely interesting agendas!
They are as follows:-

1. DISEC: Militarisation of the Arctic

2. UNHSC (crisis): The Korean War (1950)

3. AIPPM: Discussing the Roadmap to Hold Legislative Elections of the Union Territory of J&K and Overall Development of J&K and Ladakh

4. UNODC: Contraband Trafficking With Special Emphasis on Drug Peddling

5. Midnight Crisis: Classified

The Midnight Crisis Committee is exclusive to the top delegates from each of the other committees. It will be simulated on the night of 24th July 2021, into the early hours of 25th July 2021. Entry into this committee is free, but the Best Delegate of this exclusive crisis room shall receive a cash prize of INR 500.

Also, note that the committee timings will be held concerning Indian Standard Time ( IST)/ GMT +5:30

Cash Prizes of Committees
Best Delegate: 1000 INR
Outstanding Delegate: 500 INR
Best Delegate of Midnight Crisis: 500 INR

Modes of payment:
1. Google Pay
2. PayTM

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