Since its inception in 2006, the American International School of Chennai has held a three-day annual conference for high school students who wish to show their passion and insight for contemporary international relations. As a simulation of the United Nations, CHEMUN thrives to encourage all students to come together to research, caucus, debate, support and pass resolutions to solve issues of global importance.



As a THIMUN affiliated conference, CHEMUN is an exciting opportunity for young minds to confront themselves to the most pressing issues of today’s world. It will give them an understanding of how to approach and solve global concerns. This inspiring experience encourages students to work collaboratively and exposes them to the dynamics of our world through debate and cooperation. Topics concerning eleven different forums - GA: SPECPOL and Decolonization; GA: Social, Humanitarian and Cultural, ECOSOC, DISEC, HRC, EC, SPC, APQ, ICJ, SC, and HSC - will be introduced to the participants for them to discuss as representatives of their assigned country.