Hey there!

We are glad to have you on our backs once again!

This year with full zeal and enthusiasm, Team ATIMUN brings to you the fresh second iteration of ATIMUN 2022!


Please go through the points as follows:

The MUN Conference will be hosted online. The platform details will be included in the 'Delegate Handbook'. The Delegate Handbook will be received by the delegates once they register.
The Conference is absolutely free of cost.
The Conference is to be held on July 23rd 2022, Saturday and July 24th 2022, Sunday. It is a two-day conference. The events will be held in accordance with the Indian Standard Time (IST) (GMT +5:30). Delegates from the other Asian countries must convert the time to theirs and attend accordingly.
The Conference is only open for students aged 11-19, residents of Asia only.
We have registration forms for delegates only. No delegations will be accepted.
Any disdainful behavior/inappropriate talk will not be tolerated and the delegate shall be disqualified.
We serve on a first come, first serve basis. only 1 delegate will be alloted per country. This year, in the second iteration of ATIMUN 2022, we have 4 committees:

1) United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)

Agenda - Bringing up solutions to combat increasing Asian hate in various countries

2) United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

Agenda - Military involvement in Russia-Ukraine crisis

3) United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Agenda - Protecting LGBTQI+ refugees

4) United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Agenda - Discussing the cause and solutions for the economic crisis in Sri Lanka

The ones who will win throughout and will fit our judging criterias will recieve awards. All participants will receive participation certificates.


STEP 1: In the first step, delegates who wish to register shall fill out the Google Forms:


Registration Form for Delegates:

Delegates must also go through our website for more details:

STEP 2: Students will fill out the forms and fill-in every detail. At the end of the forms, students will find our website link, which they must visit. They also must join our Discord Server. STUDENTS MUST SEE THE FINAL COUNTRY MATRIX LINK ATTACHED IN THE FORMS, PLEASE CHECK IT ON SUNDAYS, IT IS UPDATED AND PLEASE CHECK YOUR NAME AND COUNTRY. They can also contact us on these in case of any doubts:

Discord: RTrinity#7320

Regno delle Due Sicilie#0715


WhatsApp: +91 94101 68019

+91 98815 52909

STEP 2: A few days later, students will receive an email from Team ATIMUN 2022 regarding the country and committee alloted to the delegate, the background guide, the Delegate Handbook which will contain all information such as: the d-day itinerary, the meeting links, the awards, the chairs and the opening ceremony details and etc. Please keep checking your inbox for our email.

Extra Information:

Registration Form for Delegates:



Please feel to reach us on:

Discord: RTrinity#7320

Regno delle Due Sicilie#0715



+91 98815 52909

+91 94101 68019


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