ATSMUN is a three-day simulation of the conferences and the work carried out at the United Nations. It is aimed at junior high school, high school as well as university students ( age span 12-23 ) with a view to sensitize and awake the younger generation as far as international issues of paramount importance are concerned; they are also given the chance to familiarize themselves with the world of diplomacy engaging in argumentation, negotiation and compromise. Since the official language of the conference is English, students are given the opportunity to perfect their linguistic skill as well as oratory skills since they have to deliver speeches in front of an audience.


Our conference is a hub for MUN innovation, introducing new fora and features every year. The committees of ATSMUN are ranked up in three different levels ( newcomers, intermediate delegates, advanced delegates ) and follow rules of procedure, strikingly similar to those of the real UN. We also offer a highly challenging ICJ Programme, run by the experienced ICJ Coordinator of the THIMUN, Mr. Robert Stern.


Yet, the question of “What is ATSMUN” is answered in the best possible way only by those who attend the conference. The sole thing you have to do to secure your spot is to fill in one of the registration forms, found in the relevant section of this website. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Patras!




ATSMUN 2020 (Web Edition)

For this year:

Responding to a challenge


For this year ATSMUN going to run online due to the Corona virus crisis.


The rules and regulations of THIMUN are going to be followed. The delegates and the advisors will have meticulous guidance as to how this online conference is going to work.


As it will be the first student online conference of this kind the challenge for all those involved is great and we will do our best to meet it.

Do not hesitate!!! Let’s offer the delegates another perspective of their favourite programme!!!!