Hope you all are safe and healthy. We proudly present our second edition of Aasha MUN. With your first edition as a superhit, we are waiting for the conference aasha mun 2.0 held on 29th october. A one day conference with all the joys and happiness.

A golden opportunity. Go ahead and don’t miss it

Are you looking for an international MUN?🌍

Do you want a professional experience?👔

Are you a yearning orator?🗣️

We are always unique and we dont have websites, or any social media..  If you want to participate just mail and the rest will be taken care of our aasha MUN team.

Why you should apply for Aasha MUN-
1) UN Recognized conference
2) Participation Certificate
3) Award Certificate- Almost All the delegates who do wonderful will get award certificates..
4) Part of the UNHCR challenge with UN Recognized certificates


1. UNSC- De-esclation of Nagorno Kharbakh Region

This time we only have one commetire.

Waiting for your registrations..

This mun will give you a refreshing expreince and mostly it is regarded as one of the best time mun of all time , as aasha mun got popular in the first edition itself.. We got around 150 registrations in two days time.. We would love to have more people on the conference too.

Wanna get awards ??? Join Aasha mun.. To participate mail-

Looking forward to see you all in the conference