Dear Esteemed Delegates, Advisors, and Partners,


On behalf of my Secretariat and staff, it is my privilege and honor to invite all of you to the lovely Bay Area and the heart of San Francisco’s historic Financial District for the Twenty-Fifth iteration of UCBMUN, UC Berkeley’s Model United Nations Conference. Every Spring, this conference hosts some of the world’s brightest minds, discussing the most pressing and urgent global issues.


UCBMUN XXV is at the heart of Silicon Valley, and thus, global innovation and endeavor, with which we hope our delegates appreciate and take with them. As we embark on this twenty-fifth edition, we strive to make this conference’s experience even more unforgettable, transformative, and unique. We hope our delegates find our amazing array of committees intellectually enriching and exciting. From racing to create a new civilization on Mars, to settling the future of the Mongol empire, those interested in Crisis-based committees will participate in rapid problem-solving, which challenges delegates to discover innovative, yet realistic solutions. Those wishing to participate in the General Assemblies or Specialized Bodies can expect extremely substantive and relevant topics coupled with a diverse and collaborative debate style second to none.


Beyond committee experiences, the beautiful city of San Francisco offers delegates a once in a lifetime opportunity to socialize, network, and sightsee. Delegates can find spectacular views at Golden Gate Park or Mission Dolores. A mere trolly ride away from the world-famous Ghirardelli Square, delegates can enjoy the delicious Ocean Beach sundae, my favorite dessert stop in the entire city. From there, one can take a late night stroll to Pier 39 and Union Square and enjoy the amazing SF skyline and oceanside view. We hope that the city by the bay makes your experience absolutely unforgettable.


In a city where the historic UN charter was signed, hosted by a university that embodies free speech and democracy, UCBMUN XXV has been one of the most competitive and historic conferences not only on the west coast, but in the United States. Today, more than ever, the world is faced with unknown and increasingly complex situations, dilemmas, and threats; thus, it is important that we channel the ideals inherent to the grand institution that we model. I hope that all of you find UCBMUN XXV to be one of the highlights of your 2021 calendar year.


With this in mind, I hope that you take a moment to explore our website with its incredible committees and staffers. I strongly encourage all of you to look over the registration details on the website, and if you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to email any member of our UCBMUN XXV Secretariat or me personally at


The UCBMUN staff and I look forward to welcoming you on March 11, 2021 in person!