Dear Delegates,


It is with the utmost enthusiasm that I invite you to the Yale University Model United Nations Conference 2021, held on Yale’s beautiful campus in March 2021. It is a profound privilege and honor to serve as the Secretary-General for YUMUNC 2021, a conference with a completely new name, philosophy, and fantastic new opportunities. YUMUNC 2021 was born with the vision of promoting a truly global, accessible, and holistic Model UN experience for delegates from all around the world and the United States. Emerging from the foundations that SCSY – the Specialized and Crisis Simulation at Yale – established during its 42 years of tradition, YUMUNC will promote a dynamic, engaging, and intriguing committee experience with an extensive commitment to education.


YUMUNC will ensure a truly immersive experience with Yale’s campus for its participants. Structured around the core values that delineate its home institution, YUMUNC will strive to engage its delegates with world-class debate on the most consequential issues of the 21st century, and elicit collaboration, kindle discussions, and connect its participants with its spirit of change. This year’s YUMUNC – being the first of its kind – will be centered around the theme of “Championing Change.” This theme not only seems fitting for the new era that dawns for the conference itself, but also aptly reflects the pressing need for change in many facets of global affairs.


In the past 42 years of its existence, SCSY has been a conference that fostered a fun, engaging and deeply formative experience for its delegates, and YUMUNC will not fall short on that aspect. This year, our conference will, however, shift its focus to incorporate non-crisis committees, while ensuring that its crisis element remains vibrant and exciting, as it has always been. Community will lie at the core of YUMUNC 2021, as more fun social events will foster friendship amongst participants from all around the world.


YUMUNC 2021 is committed to ensuring accessibility for all its delegates regardless of nationality or background. To that extent, this year’s conference will offer a robust and comprehensive financial aid program to all its participants. Such commitment to accessibility will not stop there, as we will strive to make YUMUNC a conference that is reflective of the needs and merits of a global community.


Our team this year has been working with the utmost diligence and enthusiasm to ensure that YUMUNC 2021 grows to be the conference we’ve envisioned. Ultimately, YUMUNC 2021 will be a conference for you; a conference centered around your values and committed to providing you with the most formative, epitomically-Yale, and globally-immersive experience possible.


Join me and the YUMUNC 2021 team, here, on Yale’s campus and embark on a novel, intriguing, and full-of-potential conference experience! I hope that you will be part of this historic moment in Yale’s Model UN history, one that heralds a new beginning by championing change.


On behalf of our team, once more, welcome to YUMUNC 2021!