Dear Advisors, Participants, and Guests,



the Secretariat of RCIMUN, we would like to state that we stand in

unity with those affected by the ongoing pandemic. We wish you health

and comfort in these unprecedented times.



the last school year, we had to announce the cancellation of RCIMUN

2020, which was a hard yet necessary decision to ensure the health and

safety, and the well-being, of everyone attending. This year, we strive

to offer our participants the acclaimed RCIMUN experience with its

fruitful debate environment, and high-quality organization despite the

challenges we are facing. Although we are currently preparing for a

physical conference, we are also working on taking our conference to an

online platform if the circumstances require.



are deeply aware of the proactive, preventative, and prudent measures

required to host our participants safely in RCIMUN 2021. Recognizing

this, we are adapting to take strict precautions in accordance with the

Ministry of Education directives and our school’s COVID-19 Health &

Safety Policy. Health and safety are the key drivers of our decisions.

Additionally, we are continuing to monitor and evaluate the developments

regarding the pandemic closely and update our participants accordingly.




the possible changes that may occur in the course of the pandemic until

April 2021, we intend to clarify our conference by the opening of Form

1, which will likely be in the upcoming month. Our Secretariat is

willing to help you with any questions or inquiries regarding RCIMUN

2021 at


We genuinely hope that we can gather again as a diverse community in RCIMUN 2021.



Istanbul, Turkey