Dear Delegates, Faculty Advisors, Staffers and Partners,


Welcome to the Queen’s Model United Nations invitational, set for March 4th-7th, 2021. Run by the acclaimed Queen’s University in beautiful downtown Kingston, QMUNi is one of the most prestigious and anticipated Model UN conferences in Canada. Since its foundation in 2014, QMUNi has evolved to become a Model UN conference that welcomes more than three hundred delegates to debate and compete in an engaging four-day event. Going into its sixth iteration, QMUNi VI is looking forward to expanding upon the innovation and ingenuity of its predecessors.


QMUNi’s purpose is to stimulate the interests of delegates from international affairs to history to pop culture and more! It is a conference run by students for students, and is united in it’s love and passion for debate and critical thinking. The QMUNi VI staff is committed to cultivating an unforgettable experience that extends past the committee room to help delegates form relationships that last far beyond a weekend in March. Model UN is, at its core, about communication, problem solving, comradery and QMUNi VI is built on amplifying those values.


QMUNi VI is anticipating the passions and perspectives of its vast variety of delegates and is honoured to be the vessel of engagement for the students that attend it. We are very much looking forward to seeing you and your delegation here in Kingston on March 4th, 2021.