Welcome to MUNiSC 2021!


We are delighted to welcome schools to attend the annual Model United Nations International Schools Consortium (MUNiSC) conference held in Qingdao, China. MUNiSC is a three-day conference for 8-12th grade students that simulates the work of the United Nations.


Having accommodated approximately 400 students historically each spring, our next conference will be held in March 5~7th. Marking the 13th episode in the history of MUNiSC, MUNiSC 2021 seeks to flexibly deliver the best experience possible for students and schools looking to enter MUN. The conference had experienced a turnabout with MUNiSC 2020, whereupon the COVID-19 outbreak had forced the movement to an online platform, resulting in a successful MUN conference with highly adaptable chairs, delegates, and admins. Whilst planning to restore the physical platform with MUNiSC 2021, we will be implementing all necessary safety measures for the conference; further changes may or may not happen to ensure public safety.


The goal of MUNiSC is to develop an international network of students discussing and putting forth measures to solve pending global issues in the hopes that they will become outstanding constitutions in worldwide partnership. We look to aid participants in their growth of knowledge of world events, perspectives, and values as well as their skills of expression, cooperation, and critical thinking.


Our theme, “Fostering Inclusivity in an Age of Exclusivity,” is inspired by Sustainable Development Goal sixteen, which aims to promote peaceful, equitable, and inclusive societies at all levels. Some people live in danger of mortal pain because of their race, while others are put in peril due to their religion or criticized because of their caste. With that in mind, MUNiSC 2021 will take a stride towards calling for the need for inclusivity in diversity.