Dear Delegates and Advisors,




On behalf of the entire MUNE IX Secretariat, it is my privilege and honor to cordially invite you to the ninth consecutive Model United Nations at Emory conference. Since its first iteration in 2011, MUNE has grown from being a small regional conference to hosting delegates from all over the United States. Hosted right here at our own Emory University campus, our staff strives to provide the best delegate experiences through an innovative collection of committees from historical to fantasy, and everything in between. All our dedicated staff works tirelessly from the beginning of summer to provide an unforgettable experience to all our delegates, as without you, MUNE would never be possible. To do this, we plan to bring you well thought-out committees, engaging and innovative crisis updates, and a backroom structure that brings consistency and quality to the in-room delegate experience.


In pursuit of the best delegate experience possible, we are proud to offer the unique 24-Hour Crisis Committee for the third consecutive year. Our 24-Hour Crisis Committee aims to provide a distinctive committee type and structure, with the hope of giving both experienced and new delegates alike a new challenge with which to hone their skills in debate and diplomacy.


Another crucial element of our conference is, of course, the city itself. As home to the largest airline and busiest international airport in the world, Atlanta undoubtedly occupies an important role on the international stage. As we firmly believe in peaceful diplomacy and positive change for the future, it is fitting that our conference be hosted in such an internationally connected city. As college undergraduates, we represent the next generation of leaders and innovators, and the world we stand to inherit demands nothing but the best from all of us. With the committees and delegate experiences we provide, we aim to impart the ideals of peace, cooperation, and community in the united hope for a better future upon our delegates and staff. At MUNE, these principles are at our core, and it is these ideals which we strive to empower with the growth of our conference.




Without a doubt, 2020 has provided us with a new set of challenges to overcome, from the increasingly heated U.S. presidential election to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, there exists need for unity, cooperation, and understanding. Whilst it is our goal to provide the best delegate experience possible, it is our mission to ensure the safety and security of all participating delegates. At MUNE, we plan to take all necessary precautions to protect both those attending our conference, and society, from the COVID-19 pandemic.




For any additional information, please feel free to explore our website. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the MUNE IX secretariat directly at Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you all on February 25th, 2021!