The oscillating dynamic of International Politics creates uncertain phenomenon within global actors.

With colliding goals and dissenting priorities, we are pessimistically seeing our path to reach peace significantly distant.

While global leaders are debating on unfinished problems, people are waiting for an action for their unfortunate situation.

From their grievance, we can see they are hoping for a change, a hopeful step to a prosperous society.




With the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, JOINMUN 2020 would like

to push mutual cooperation to renovate, reflect, and re-evaluate

conflicted interest to reach an amicable agreement.

In order to resolve global issues that the UN faces everyday, we have to

push back our own interests and start positioning ourselves as the

citizens of the world.

Therefore, express if there is anything we can do for the world, not

what can the world do for us.

Because in the end, we live together on the same Earth, with the same

goal to live in peace and prosper, and work collaboratively in global



Yogyakarta, Indonesia