Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisers,


It is my distinct pleasure and honor to invite you to join us at the sixty-seventh session of Harvard National Model United Nations. Hosted from Thursday, 11 February to Sunday, 14 February 2021, HNMUN is more than an average Model UN conference. HNMUN is a forum for over 2500 delegates from more than 40 countries to discuss the world’s most pressing issues and construct balanced and integrated solutions to intricate issues of international importance. At HNMUN, delegates form lasting friendships and connections that traverse boundaries, cross cultures, and last longer than the four days we share at conference. Staffed by over 220 undergraduate Harvard students, HNMUN continues to be the oldest, largest, and most prestigious conference of its kind, and our entire staff is excited to continue this legacy as we embark on our journey to the Sixty-Seventh Session.


This year’s conference features numerous high-level committees, all staffed by extraordinarily passionate Directors. From our renowned Press Corps and Non-Governmental Organizations Programme, to our eclectic and fast-paced Specialized Agencies, and from the depth of debate and diplomacy in our General Assembly to the intimacy and dedication of the Economic and Social Councils and Regional Bodies, delegates are going to have access to extremely substantive and rewarding debate in diverse committee styles and forms. While committee sessions are important, it is certainly the discussions delegates will have outside the committee room that will define their HNMUN experience.


You can apply for Harvard National Model United Nations 2021 through our unique online registration platform, MUNBase. Priority Registration is currently open, and MUNBase is linked on the navigation bar atop this website. Before you register, I would strongly encourage you to peruse this website, which contains important information regarding registration deadlines and fees, renewed conference policies and standards, and summaries of each committee. Please remember that should you not be able to find answers to your questions on this website, you can always email our dedicated Administration team The Secretariat and I truly cannot wait to welcome you to what is shaping to be the most successful iteration yet of HNMUN this February.