Dear Delegates of the Model United Nations:


It is both an honor and a privilege to welcome you to the twelfth annual session of Concordia International School Shanghai Model United Nations. Whatever role you will play in this year’s event, whether chair, judge, delegate, member of the press team or anything else, I hope that the conference will leave you with a heightened understanding of the social and political challenges confronting the international community, and that you will come away more practiced in the arts of public speaking, negotiation and compromise. I am confident that by the time the gavel falls to mark the closing of CISSMUN XII, each of you will have played a part in making the conference a success. For this I thank you in advance.


Beyond this, though, our aspiration for CISSMUN XII is not merely that the simulation will benefit the individual participants, or that its success will be another feather in the Concordia cap. Rather, we hope that you will view your participation as the critical first step in cultivating an ethic of service to others. We hope that by bringing into sharper relief the magnitude of the challenges confronting the international community, the conference will inspire each of us to match words with actions, and to find ways in which we can make a difference to those less fortunate than ourselves. If we succeed in this charge, if we find it within ourselves to take our newfound knowledge and use it to lighten the load of the world’s least fortunate, then, truly, the conference has served its purpose. I task each of you with that charge, and say with great confidence that I know you won’t disappoint. I look forward to your active participation in the twelfth annual session of CISSMUN, and I wish you every success.