Dear Delegates, Faculty Advisers, and Friends,


On behalf of our secretariat and staff, I could not be more honored to welcome you to the Twenty-Fourth Session of ChoMUN, the University of Chicago’s Intercollegiate Model United Nations Conference, to be held from Thursday, April 1 through Sunday, April 4, 2021, at the Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago.


Since our first conference in 1998, ChoMUN has grown into the largest and most competitive crisis conference in North America. Our focus on the delegate experience and our commitment to innovation continues to drive us forward, and this year we will run 30 dynamic and fast-paced committees, with more hybrid options for delegates than in past years. This spring, ChoMUN XXIV will host over 1,000 delegates and a staff of over 250 students, maintaining our better than 3:1 delegate-to-staff ratio to ensure that our committees offer each delegate a personalized and engaging committee experience.


I am excited to present to you the most innovative and exciting ChoMUN yet. This year, we will continue to run a slate of committees that create stories diverse in place (with committees on each continent) and in time (representing the past three millennia). While maintaining our commitment to consistently running engaging and challenging committees, we continue to push the envelope and formulate new approaches to Model UN. Building on our successful large double-delegate committees, we will continue to develop the style of integrated crisis unique to ChoMUN, with hybrid single and double-delegation committees containing both Crisis and GA elements — the former will also be ChoMUN’s first crisis committee set in the future. Two of our committees will revisit a cutting-edge concept on the circuit: inter-temporal jumps over the course of the conference weekend. I am also excited to announce that, while we still consider ourselves to be a premier crisis conference, we will be for the first time ever offering two traditional-style committees: one in single delegations, and one in double delegations. Our range of topics further reflects our commitment to providing something for everyone. From the courts of kings, queens, and conquerors, to congresses of revolutionaries, policymakers, and sportspeople, to corporate boards and cabinets, the ChoMUN body has put together a conference that represents the best ideal of this activity: a way to learn, experience new stories and craft them in a better way, be challenged, and rewarded, with a thrilling experience and friends and connections that last beyond.


This small snapshot of ChoMUN committees only scratches the surface of our offerings, and our dedicated executives and staff will work tirelessly through April 2021 to ensure that the delegate experience, both substantively and socially, is the best yet.


These are challenging times. The Secretariat and I will be keeping this website updated with the latest information on the pandemic, as relates to our conference, the University, Chicago and the State of Illinois as a whole. We are all thoroughly dedicated to starting this new era of ChoMUN, and Model UN, in the best way possible, and I hope you will join us, for we cannot do it without you.


Browse through our website to see all of the committees and opportunities offered at ChoMUN XXIV, and please reach out if you have any questions.


I look forward to welcoming you to the Twenty-Fourth Session of ChoMUN.