BIGMUN is a conference hosted by Birkerød Gymnasium. Situated in the beautiful Danish countryside and just 25 minutes from the centre of Copenhagen, our school and our students are happy to welcome delegates and teachers from all over the world to BIGMUN.




In 2020, we opened our doors to over 450 participants from all over the world, where the conference was a meeting point for hopeful, reflective, and engaged students.




This year, BIGMUN is focusing on Building Back Better (BBB). This theme encompasses hope, perseverance and resilience, which must be emphasised during these uncertain times. BBB is a mantra which inspires recovery following hardship. It urges us to not only to return to our previous state but also to create a greener, more peaceful and equal world.




This conference does not believe in notions of winning and losing, being the best competitor, or passing the most amendments. Instead, we open our doors to an environment that encourages joint efforts in pursuit of solutions to global issues, and strive to mould our participants into open-minded, collaborative and resolute world citizens. With a particular focus on the overcoming and growing from adversity, we believe that the mindset and work ethic promoted at this conference will inspire participants to produce effective and comprehensive solutions to this central contemporary issue.



Birkerød Gymnasium's MUN society is proud to once again host an event which fosters lasting friendships, international awareness, and most importantly, the chance to tackle some of the greatest issues in the world today.




We welcome you to the 11th annual session of the biggest MUN conference in Scandinavia, BIGMUN 2021.