How to claim an MUN

To ensure maximum legitimacy and verification after making an MUN you are required to “claim” the Model UN Conference’s listing. This is also avaliable for MUNs who have been added through external databases. To do this please fill out the form below. After filling in the form you will be contacted by an MUNList Employee to further verify your claim on the MUNList Platform. 

The Advantages:

  • You can edit your MUN Listing whenever you want.
  • Your account shows up as the author of the MUN Conference
  • Your MUN is eligble to get a verified blue tick by MUNList
  • The listing page no longer shows a “claim listing” button

This process isn’t very difficult. Please fill the form bellow.

For any queries, please email or DM us on Instagram @munlist for instant responses.

You will be required to prove that the email/instagram account is the MUNs account.