About Us

MUNList is a revolutionary search engine built by delegates, for delegates. Designed specifically to help dedicated delegates find their next endeavor, MUNList is a hub for all MUNers! Whether you are an organizer and want to promote your MUN, or a delegate excited for a big adventure, MUNList was made for you!

From multiple filters to help delegates find their perfect Model UN conference, to a simple and intuitional dashboard for organizers to manage their MUN, MUNList combines simplicity and functionality in one beautiful package.

Model UN makes up a huge part of many delegates academic lifes, but the problem with Model UN Conferences right now is that there are just too many options. Each option has a different committee and a completely different dynamic. This makes it practically impossible to find the perfect Model UN Conference for you. We saw this problem and we made a solution, the ultimate Model UN Conference Search Engine. Unlike many existing Model UN databases, we actually work.

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer: Sophia Kendall (United States of America)

Founder, Former Chief Executive Officer & Current Chief Technology Officer: Vedaant Yadav (India)


The Coronavirus pandemic blew up the online Model UN Conference market. The amount of Model UN Conferences that showed up were incredible! We saw this and realized that a functioning community-driven tool was needed to sort through the many new conferences and find the best ones for delegates. MUNlist was created for this purpose. In 2020, Vedaant Yadav founded and developed munlist.com to help achieve this dream. At its peak, MUNList boasted the largest Online Model UN Database, all community sourced and free for everyone to use, with over 220 Conferences all around the globe and 3000+ active users. When the team expanded, Vedaant stepped down as CEO and continues working on his interests, the technological aspects of MUNList.