About Us

MUNList is a revolutionary search engine built by delegates, for delegates. Designed specifically to help dedicated delegates find their next endeavor, MUNList is a hub for all MUNers! Whether you are an organizer and want to promote your MUN, or a delegate excited for a big adventure, MUNList was made for you!

From multiple filters to help delegates find their perfect Model UN conference, to a simple and intuitional dashboard for organizers to manage their MUN, MUNList combines simplicity and functionality in one beautiful package.

Model UN makes up a huge part of many delegates academic lifes, but the problem with Model UN Conferences right now is that there are just too many options. Each option has a different committee and a completely different dynamic. This makes it practically impossible to find the perfect Model UN Conference for you. We saw this problem and we made a solution, the ultimate Model UN Conference Search Engine. Unlike many existing Model UN databases, we actually work.

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer: Sophia Kendall (United States of America)

Founder, Former Chief Executive Officer & Current Chief Technology Officer: Vedaant Yadav (India)