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What is MUNList?

MUNList is a revolutionary search engine built by delegates, for delegates. MUNList is quite literally, a MUN List! Designed specifically to help dedicated delegates find their next endeavor, MUNList is a list of all MUN conferences for all MUNers to use! Whether you are an organizer and want to promote your Model United Nations conference, or a delegate excited for a big adventure, MUNList is the perfect MUN finder that’s made for you!

From multiple filters to help delegates find their perfect Model UN conference, to a simple and intuitional dashboard for organizers to manage their MUNs, MUNList combines simplicity and functionality in one beautiful package. Finding Model UN conferences is now easier than ever.

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Why MUNList?


Designed specifically to be simple to use, MUNList allows you to find MUNs with ease. No more hassling with search keywords and a complex search system.


With the help of our simple system, precise filters, and powerful database of Model UNs, you can find the MUN of your dreams in only a matter of seconds.


From Mumbai to Berlin to New York, we have an endless list of Model UN conferences waiting for you.

For Delegates

How delegates can use our MUNList.

Our MUN list system was made specifically for simplicity and easy use. Delegates can simply define the type of conference they want, what committees they like, and search! Within a matter of seconds, you can find your next MUN conference, all for free! Find the best conference and become the best delegate!

For Organizers

How organizers can use advertise their MUN.

With hundreds of delegates coming to find their next MUN, MUNList is the best list of MUN conferences for all. Organizers can add their conference to our MUN website directory for free simply by clicking “Add a MUN.” With many tools and analytics for organizers, MUNList is not just a list, it is an instrument for marketing conferences.

What is MUN (Model United Nations)?

Model United Nations, otherwise known as MUN, is a simulation of the United Nations, and international political relations. Model UN is a great way to learn about international politics, diplomacy, news and current events, relations, trade, human rights, public speaking, writing, teamwork, cultural understanding, and thousands of other political and global topics. Each participant is called a Delegate, as they represent a country’s delegation in the simulation, and try to push their country’s agenda into the solution of the issues presented, also known as the resolution. Model UN is for all people of all ages, and is a great way to not only improve your understanding, but network and create friendships with fellow delegates!

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